ProAdjuster on Fox News


Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy were one of the first chiropractic clinics in Illinois to implement the Pro-Adjuster, the chiropractic analysis and adjusting technology.

The ProAdjuster is a computerized tool that allows the chiropractic physician to scan a patient’s spine and identify the problem areas with more accuracy than traditional approaches.
The pulsar sensor in the ProAdjuster instrument responds and registers information, giving an accurate picture of the extent of rigidity in each area of the patient’s spine. The information from the sensor is sent to the computer and displayed in graphic waves for the doctor to interpret and record. Once the chiropractic physician determines specifi­c problem areas, the adjustment can be made using the ProAdjuster. The instrument utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. This allows increased mobility of the spine segment in the area of ­fixation (lack of motion) known as subluxation. The adjustment is performed with accuracy and comfort for the patient. Following the adjustment, the doctor will scan the patient’s spine again to determine the results of the treatment, and explain the graphs to the patient.

Neck pain, back pain, hip pain and sciatica patients have shown great results with the ProAdjuster. This December, the technology was shown on FOX News to show the ProAdjuster can help relieve the pain and tension caused by "text neck". Check out the chiropractic segment with the technology that Olympia uses below:

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