Life After the NFL with Matt Bowen

Chiropractic Park Ridge IL Football Player

Recovery After the NFL

I started going to Dr. Mike Calcagno's clinic, Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Elmhurst three years ago. After playing seven years in the NFL and experiencing post-career pain in my lower back, neck and joints, I needed a place that would help my with pain-management techniques, strengthening, flexibility and provide a competitive environment of training. And that's exactly what I've received with my treatment at Olympia due to Dr. Calcagno and his excellent staff.

“My body has completely changed since starting treatment at Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.”

Not only have I added overall strength, but I've also dropped from my NFL playing weight of 208 pounds to 192 pounds thanks to Dr. Calcagno's attention to detail on nutrition and health management. Along with the treatment plan to correct multiple alignment issues in my body, I've added core strength, lower body power and have seen a major difference in flexibility due to the functional training with Dr. Calcagno's staff.

Coaching and Feeling Good

As a high school football coach at IC Catholic Prep in Elmhurst, the adjustments I've made to my body have allowed me to be pain-free on the field when working with my players. That's key to coaching defensive backs in terms of demonstrating techniques and movements. In the past, before starting treatment, the overall pain in my body limited my ability to perform functional movements.

“Here’s the thing with Dr. Calcagno and his staff — it’s not just treatment to fix pain. This is a complete program, one that teaches strength, conditioning, health management and provides overall gains.”

Very similar to being a professional athlete, I wanted a place that provided a challenging and competitive environment. And that's exactly what I get when I walk in the door at Dr. Calcagno's clinic. His ability to motivate and provide a working atmosphere has been so beneficial to my development years after playing football in the NFL.

Family Life

We are an active family with four small boys and the little things that would cause pain or limit me in the past have been erased. As an NFL analyst for ESPN, writing is at the top of the list of favorites for me. But my passion is in coaching. From the high school level to coaching my four boys in youth baseball, basketball, flag football and soccer, I love to teach and be a part of the Elmhurst community.

Speaking of community, I think you will find Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy have created a great one. No different than building a successful and productive football team, Dr. Calcagno and his staff are the main reason I train three days a week in the clinic.

“This is a top-tier group that cares for their patients and works to put you in the most positive situations so you can make the needed corrections and see monumental gains with training or treatment.”

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