Food Pantry Most - Wanted and Not Wanted List

Chiropractic Park Ridge IL Kid with Food

The season of giving is upon us in Park Ridge, and it is great to see all of the companies participating in food, coat,and toy drives. I am no expert but it sure seems that we see more of these each year which is great. There are definitely more families in need in the chicagoland area and we all can help by donating to the many food drives in our neighborhoods. We decided do delve a little deeper into finding the best way to lend a helping hand!

We talked to several large food pantrys to see what a good donation looks like. We have to think outside of the box (or can) when considering this question. Most of the people at food banks prefer peanut butter and tuna as, their most valuable items. They are portable, high in protein and remember many of these people getting help are transient or homeless and don't have a can or bottle opener. Look for canned vegetables and soups with the pull tab which makes it easier to open. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as 100% juice is also requested. They try to shy away from hi sugar processed foods and sugary snacks. Baby food, and formula as well as water are also valuable to have. Can't make it to the grocery store? Money is a great donation. Most of the food banks have bulk purchasing power and can stretch a cash donation a lot further than the average person.