Corporate Wellness

In effort to help our surrounding community lead a healthier lifestyle, we offer a series of wellness lectures, corporate health screening, postural exams, ergonomic tips, as well as on-site massage therapy for no fee. Healthcare in our society has shifted from symptom care to prevention and wellness care. Through prevention, Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy helps patients get better faster, stay better longer, and save money on their healthcare with the following programs:

Lunch & Learn Lecture Series

Our “Lunch & Learn” lecture series is one of the most popular aspects of our Wellness Programs. We present a variety of health topics while providing lunch for your employees.. The workshop lasts 45 minutes and is followed by an informative Q & A session.

The topics include:

  • Stress Management “Managing Stress The Healthy Way”
  • How To Eat Right “The Simple Science Of Proper Nutrition”
  • Proper Ergonomics “Stay Fit While You Sit”
  • Injury Prevention “Taking Proper Steps To Keep You Injury Free”
  • Headaches “A Natural Approach”
  • Achieving Peak Performance “How To Be Your Best Everyday”
  • Starting An Exercise Program The Proper Steps To Getting Fit”
  • Additional Topics Upon Request

Stress Reduction Massage Program

One of our team of certified massage therapist provides on-site stress relief chair massages to your employees. We guarantee to book up fast with 100% satisfaction.

Mini Health Fair

We produce an on-site mini health fair including:

  • Spinal health screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Stress management survey
  • BMI calculation
  • Ergonomic & posture evaluation
  • Local health club professionals
  • Gait analysis and proper shoe fitting
  • Much more

Corporate Health Screenings

One of our physicians provides on-site health screenings including posture exams, blood pressure screenings, stress management surveys, BMI calculations, and ergonomic evaluations. Learn more about Employee Massage Day!

Call us today to learn about how we can customize a program to meet your specific needs or download our Corporate Health Overview PDF.