Chiropractic to Cure Your Headache

Did you know that nearly 90 percent of all Americans suffer from headaches? While all of those individuals don’t necessarily suffer from debilitating migraines, which cause nausea and sensitivity to light and noise, every one of them endures some level of physical discomfort and social disruption on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis. Many individuals have discovered the benefits of treating this ailment through natural chiropractic medicine.

Nearly 95 percent of all headache sufferers are not afflicted with a disease or permanent physical condition that causes the pain. This means that the go-to solutions of pills and surgery may not resolve the issue. While medication has its place, it is often better to focus on changing environmental and behavioral triggers in combination with natural tension relief, or spinal manipulation. Chiropractic treatment has proven effective in alleviating prolonged or chronic head pain.


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Understanding Triggers

It is important to understand the causes and triggers of the problem:

  • Poor nutrition

  • Stress

  • Tension

  • High or low blood sugar levels

  • Poor exercise habits

  • Lack of sleep or too much sleep

The most significant contributor to head pain is an unhealthy lifestyle. As more Americans become sedentary, incidences of poor posture and poor nutrition rise. These issues contribute to an increase in muscle tension and joint irritation, which in turn can lead to headaches.

Correcting Bad Habits and Underlying Issues

The causes of primary head pain are neck strain, muscle tension and joint pain. Several bad habits contribute to the severity of these issues:

  • Prolonged sitting leads to spinal and neck strain.

  • A lack of exercise or even excessive exercise produces muscle tension and joint pain.

  • Poor nutrition can have adverse effects on the muscles, joints and spine.

While correcting these habits may reduce the severity of tension and head pain, it may not completely resolve the underlying issues. The best natural remedy is chiropractic treatment.

Taking the Natural Route Toward Relief With a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

While drugs and surgery are tempting options for chronic sufferers, each can produce side effects that may be worse than the original condition. Medications may cause nausea or diarrhea, and surgery often comes with lengthy rehabilitation and no promise of a cure. While natural chiropractic treatment cannot guarantee that the pain will never return, it doesn’t exacerbate the problem. With routine treatments, chiropractic therapy can offer immediate and sustained relief, without negative side effects often associated with other treatments.

The essential chiropractic treatment you will receive is spinal manipulation. Focused on relieving pressure on the joints and reducing inflammation of the muscles, spinal manipulation is a natural and effective treatment for primary headaches and even migraines. In addition to manipulating the spine, a chiropractor can instruct you on customized exercise and stretching regimens to alleviate recurring joint and muscle pain, as well as provide you with specific nutritional guidelines for long-term lifestyle changes.

Why not treat the problem instead of the symptom? If you are interested in reducing your dependence on medications for headache relief and trying natural chiropractic treatment, contact Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy by calling 855-276-6664.