Better Performance with a Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractic Park Ridge IL Soccer Player

It’s no secret that professional athletes seek chiropractic help for pain management and to help recover from injuries. But did you know that chiropractic applications can help enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries too? Just ask a professional football player; every NFL team engages the services of a sports chiropractor in some manner. In fact, an estimated 90 percent of athletes at the world-class level participate in chiropractic care as a means of avoiding injuries and boosting their performance level.

The Impact of Sports on Your Body

Whether you play golf or football, the required training sessions and ongoing practice, practice, practice demanded of athletes affects your body in some way. The exertion improves and helps build muscles, but it places great strain on your body. It also affects your spine and joints, and not always in a good way.

During a soccer match, the average speed of a soccer ball between the time it’s kicked and the point of impact (when another player receives it) is about 67 mph. So it’s no surprise that one chiropractic expert likens the heading of a soccer ball moving at 70 mph to being hit by boxing great Muhammad Ali. If you’re the receiver, it’s surely going to rattle your cage and worse, it can knock spine, leg and arm joints out of alignment. The same is true in football and many other sports, including low-impact sports such as golf.

How Spine Alignment Affects Performance

When the spine is not aligned properly or not moving as it should, irritation can develop in the nervous system. The irritation can lead to decreased functionality, or at least a decrease from peak performance, in other body systems. This includes the respiratory system, which is vital to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Benefits of a Sports Chiropractor

The lion’s share of chiropractic treatment is for spine and nervous system complaints that include back and neck pain. However, as a practice, chiropractic also encompasses leg and arm joints, as well as headaches and strain on your body.

Common athletic complaints also include shoulder pain and ankle injuries, and many athletes prefer to treat these ailments through chiropractic care instead of painkillers or surgery. Athletes who receive regular, non-injury adjustments may find they have better range of motion, heightened blood flow, and fewer injuries. Better flexibility is another benefit, which can also help athletes experience fewer injuries.

Proper spine alignment is a must for athletes seeking to improve their performance and for anyone who wants to feel better. Get in touch with Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Bartlett for an evaluation.