Our Athletic Trainers

An Athletic Trainer is a certified health care professional who practices sports medicine in collaboration with physicians to optimize athletic ability and participation of patients and clients.

How Important Are Athletic Trainers?

An Athletic Trainer is the first line of defense for athletes on the field, the court, the mat, and on the sideline. When an athlete sustains an injury the Athletic Trainer must assess the athletes’ injury and determine the severity of the condition. Athletic Trainers are certified to assess injuries such as sprain/strains, ligament injuries, bone fractures and dislocations, and determining the severity of concussions. All of our Athletic Trainers are licensed in the state of Illinois and have extensive experience working with athletes on all levels of competition.

What Are the Responsibilities Of An Athletic Trainer?

An athletic trainer’s responsibility, similar to that of a team physician, is to protect the health and safety of all the athletes. In the case of an athletic trainer who is treating an athlete with an injury, several duties exist as a result of the athletic trainer/athlete relationship:

  • Provide injury preparation for all practices & games.
  • Properly assess the athlete’s condition.
  • Provide proper on-site medical treatment for the athlete.
  • Provide clearance for the athlete to return to participation.
  • Inform the athlete, coach, and parent(s) the risk of returning to participate in their respective sport(s).
  • Communicate with the team physician & head coach the status of the athlete.

How Does Olympic Work With ATC?

Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy are currently the team physicians for…

  • Wheaton Academy High School Athletics
  • Immaculate Conception High School Athletics
  • Glenbard North High School Boys Wrestling
  • York High School Boys Cross Country
  • Gomez Wrestling Academy