Athlete of the Month - Brian Fogle

Chiropractic Sycamore IL Physical Therapy

Our team at Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy takes care of far more than just those suffering from back pain. The increased movement and flexibility that chiropractic care offers can prove beneficial in a number of areas in life, especially sports. Don’t just take our word for it: every month we profile a different athlete that has put our promises of improved competitive performance through chiropractic care to the test, and experienced the difference for themselves. Introducing our June Athlete of the Month, Brian Fogle.

Brian is a middle schooler at Stratford Middle School. He obsessed with all things sports. While playing baseball and football in Carol Stream, Brian envisioned himself performing the same way as the athletes he revered in the NFL or Major League Baseball. Yet stiffness and issues with running were hampering his on-field performance. That’s when he and his parents sought our help. Like many, Brian was surprised to learn that we offer more than just pain relief for chronic back issues. In fact, he soon learned to love his adjustment treatments and couldn’t wait to come back and interact with our friendly staff. Today, he is running faster and jumping higher on the diamond and between the hash marks, as well as enjoying better overall movement in his daily activities. Way to go Brian!

If you or the athlete in your life want to experience the same performance improvement that Brain describes above, call us at Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Sycamore today to schedule a consultation appointment.